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Pool Pebble - 8/16

Our Arctic Pebble are screened to the two most common sizes in the pool industry.  Our Mini or Size 8/16 & Standard Size 6/10. Our pebble has a Jet Black or an Black Onyx finished look.  With almost a pure black color, it's ideal for all hue's of blue and also ideal to accent other pool finishes to get that perfect look.

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Pool Pebble - 6/10

Our Arctic  6/10 pebble gives your pool finish that natural pebble finish look, unlike any other.

Our Arctic  6/10 pebble gives your pool finish that natural pebble finish look, unlike any other.  

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Landscape Rocks - Black Sand

 Our Arctic Pebble is the finest black pebble in the pool industry, mined on a remote beach in the arctic where it has taken the molten lava from thousands of years ago and tumbling on the beach to become the beautiful, round and smooth glass-like finish perfect for using in pool finishes to bring out the different blue colors of your pool.  We sourced one of the most remote places on the planet to bring you this unmatched black pebble to insure only the highest quality pool finish, landscapes  and other places where you may use unique black sand. Check our Gallery for ideas on how to use our products

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Landscape Rocks- 1/4 inch

Our Arctic Landscaping Pebbles, often referred to as Mexican Beach Pebbles are one of the most exotic Beach Pebble in the world, used for decorating landscapes and  DIY projects.  These beach pebbles are very popular for using in Aquarium tanks,  accenting your gardens, driveways and many more creative projects. Check our gallery page for ideas. 

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Landscape - 1 /2 inch

Our 1/2 inch Arctic Beach Pebbles are very popular for different landscape projects such as fillers, driveways, potted planters.

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Landscape - 1 inch

Our natural decorative landscape stones are ideal for ponds, water features, fountains, around pavers, sidewalks, rooftops, around trees and never buy mulch again.

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